Other than janitorial services, Majestic also offers building maintenance services. These services ensure an orderly and safe building.

 Building Maintenance Services

Maintaining a safe, sanitary workplace is key to producing quality work. For that reason, we provide the best building maintenance services in the metro New York City area. Below, you will find a list of the building maintenance services provided when you choose Majestic, along with information concerning why these building maintenance services are essential to your workspace.

Emptying All Trash Receptacles

When it comes to green office cleaning NYC companies set some of the highest standards in the nation. We are prepared to meet those standards with our stellar eco-friendly janitorial services. In fact, when we remove trash we do more than just empty all waste baskets. At A Peace of Mind Care, we take the extra step of separating from your garbage all recyclables. In addition to this service, we also sanitize your receptacles with antibacterial wipes before replacing the liners.

New York Carpet Cleaning

We know that we cannot treat one company’s mud-stained white carpet with the same janitorial services we might use on another’s ink-stained red carpet. Knowing this, our office cleaning services include the resources needed for stain removal from all types, and colors, of carpet.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Restroom Fixtures

Maintaining a restroom’s cleanliness reduces the spread of germs and infection. Sanitized bathrooms mean fewer work days are lost to illness, and thus, productivity in your office increases. Therefore, the restroom is one of the only places in your office where we will use our stronger cleaning products, such as disinfecting sprays, mold and mildew removers, and other stronger cleansers. We work hard to ensure our professional cleaning services not only eliminate and reduce bacteria, but also control odors.

Dusting and Polishing Furniture as Needed

Keeping dust off your furniture, and therefore out of the air, is paramount to the maintenance not only of your workspace, but also the health of your employees. We use microfiber cloths to trap and remove dust from furniture. This keeps it from circulating into ventilation systems, which can negatively affect employee health.

Dusting Window Blinds and Horizontal Surfaces on a Regular Basis

Window blinds are the perfect place for dust to stay hidden for days. To avoid this, we regularly dust them with the same microfiber cloths used for your furniture to keep dust and allergens from entering the air.

Vacuuming All Carpets and Spot Clean as Needed

A Peace of Mind Care knows that there are some stains on your carpets that require special attention. So, in addition to our vacuuming service, we also will spot clean your carpets to keep them looking as good as new every day.

Sweeping and Mopping Any Tile or Hard Flooring

Tile and other hard flooring surfaces are breeding spaces for bacteria and, left unchecked, can adversely affect the health of your employees. A Peace of Mind Care will sweep and mop these areas, destroy bacteria, and help keep your employees healthy.

Window Cleaning New York Glass – Interior and Exterior

Making a good first impression is as important in business as it is in life, so we make sure your office maintains its professional and well maintained appearance by ensuring potential and current clients do not view your business through smudged or fingerprinted glass. We offer window cleaning for both the interior and exterior glass.

Dusting Air Vents and Returns Along with Ceiling Fans on a Regular Basis

When it comes to releasing dangerous allergens into the workplace environment, there is perhaps no worse culprit than the neglected air ventilation system. If dust is allowed to build in these vents, you are basically pumping allergens into the workspace every day. Therefore, we dust the air vents and returns. We don’t stop there, though. We dust all ceiling fans, as well.