If you need cleaning after an renovation, a move, or simply a more thorough office cleaning, New York City-based Majestic Cleaning & Janitorial Services has the staff and equipment to perform any contract cleaning service asked of us.

Our Apartment Cleaning options include:
-Moving Cleaning
-Post Construction Clean up and
-Maid/Housekeeping Services.


Apartment Cleaning Services consists of two: basic and deep cleaning service.
The difference between basic and deep apartment cleaning:

Basic cleaning includes routine cleaning tasks such as trash pickup, floor cleaning, light dusting, and cleaning restrooms.

Deep cleaning includes routine cleaning tasks, plus high and low dusting, wiping, kitchen cabinets cleaning, appliance cleaning, air vent dusting, chair vacuuming, window cleaning, and spot cleaning walls and doors…basically cleaning of every single corner.

Which Move in Cleaning and Move Out Cleaning Services Can We Offer You?

• Cleaning all surfaces in the kitchen including floors, counters, sinks, cabinets, microwaves, and the inside of refrigerators and freezers.
• Cleaning stove, oven, and other kitchen appliances.
• Dusting and cleaning kitchen cabinets.
• Scrubbing bathroom floors, wall tiles, grout, showers and/or tubs, and sinks.
• Disinfecting toilets.
• Cleaning and sanitizing medicine cabinets.
• Washing the interior of windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.
• Checking beneath windows and door frames for signs of mold.
• Picking up, bagging, and discarding any remaining trash and litter.
• Washing any hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors and
• Dusting window blinds, air vents and returns, ceiling fans, light fixtures and mantles.
• Shampooing and vacuuming carpets and runners.
• Wiping down interior walls and removing stains.
• Dust and clean closets.
• Clean entryways, stairs, porches, and other adjacent areas.
• Removing cobwebs.

Post-Construction / Renovation
Every detail counts

After expending so much effort to build or remodel your home or office, it only makes sense to get that space shining. Our Post-Construction Clean-Up Crew consists of trained experts who will make this seemingly difficult job absolutely turnkey. Each team is specifically hand-selected to meet your needs, and is at your beck and call to provide the following services:

  • Vacuuming and dusting of all surfaces and upholstery, from ceilings and walls to floors
  • Clean tops of doors, door knobs, hardware, mouldings
  • Complete disinfection of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Gentle cleaning of floors, baseboards, cabinets, counters, light fixtures, appliances
  • All glass, stone, and metal surfaces gently cleaned
  • Dust removal from blinds, ceiling pipes/fans, air ducts, vents, light fixtures.
  • Window cleaning including sills, window frames, and glass
  • Desk and cabinet cleaning (for offices)
  • HEPA filter vacuums and air machines provided for maximum dust removal

A Post-Construction cleaning will remove dust and dirt following construction to prepare your home for moving in. After our cleaning, you will be ready to unpack in a clean, dust-free environment.


Maid / Housekeeping service:
Our maids provide cleaning services plus wash dishes and clean kitchens, cooking utensils, and silverware, sort clothing and other articles, load washing machines, make beds, change linens, and iron and fold dried items.

Examples of our Services:


  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Mop Floor and Hard Surfaces
  • Vacuuming of Upholstered Furniture
  • Cushions and Pillows Fluffed and Straightened
  • Polish and Dust Furniture
  • Dust Picture Frames, Clocks, Venetian Blinds, Light Fixture, Door Frames, Lamp Shades
  • Dust Moldings and Window Ledges
  • Sanitize Contact Areas Including Switches and Door Handles
  • General Straightening and Organizing
  • Bed Made, Linens Changed
  • Vacuum and Arrange Mats
  • Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
  • Disinfect, Clean and Polish Mirrors, Countertops, and Sinks
  • Clean and Shine Dispensers and Fixtures
  • Clean and Disinfect Toilets
  • Dust Vents and Clean Tile
  • Clean Tub and Shower
  • Change Towels
  • Empty Receptacles, Replace Liners, Gather and Recycle Trash
  • Clean Outside Cabinets
  • Clean Chairs and Tables
  • Spot Clean Any Walls with Disinfectant
  • Empty the Dishwasher
  • Clean and Refill Soap Dispensers and Paper Goods
  • Clean Interior of Kitchen Appliance
  • High Dusting
  • Clean Refrigerator and Freezer
  • Clean Oven
  • Clean Interior of Kitchen Cabinets
  • Dusting
  • Dust Gym Equipment
  • Bathroom Cleaning